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Did you know that you may still be carrying your inner child with you? The inner child is a part of our past that is still active within us due to anything significant - mainly adversities - we may have faced in childhood.

As a parent, your inner child can heavily influence the relationship with your child - both positively and negatively. For example, it can lead to less-than-ideal responses as a parent when specific interactions with our child trigger your inner child.

The inner child is the result of subconscious attempts to serve the unmet needs in childhood – namely the need for love, belonging or safety. It can lead to undesirable outcomes in adulthood such as limiting beliefs, distorted view of self, or difficulties in relationships.

Join us in our next Mothers Connect event to better understand your inner child and learn how to release past blocks that may be preventing you from having a healthier relationship with your child.

In this interactive session, Chhaya Dias, an experienced PCC level Emotional Resilient Life Coach & Inner Child Therapist, will lead you through practical steps to help you release old blocks so you can reveal your authentic self.

In this section you will:

  1. Learn to recognise your Inner Child
  2. Experience a short-guided visualisation to meet your Inner child
  3. Learn 3 practices that will help you to re-parent your Inner Child and meet her needs in healthier ways

Dec 8, 2022

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (GMT+8)

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Fontana Heights
39 Mt Sinai Rise
#16-02 Fontana Heights
Singapore 276957


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  • Chhaya Dias (Founder of The Balance Beam)

    Chhaya Dias

    Founder of The Balance Beam

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