Thursday, July 11, 2024 (18:00 - 20:30) GMT+8

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Professor Brown Cafe @ Enabling Village

20, Lengkok Bahru, 159053

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Join us over a meal at Enabling Village for July's 2nd Thursday, as we embrace social outreach by increasing awareness of the various social organizations in Singapore. This social outreach is designed to foster a community of informed and engaged PrimeTime members who can contribute meaningfully to social causes. Our 2nd Thursday event will introduce you to the Enabling Village, a pioneering initiative for disability inclusion.

Event Overview:

1. Dinner and Networking:

  • Enjoy a delicious dinner included with your ticket. Connect with fellow PrimeTime members over a meal to build a network of like-minded individuals committed to social outreach. This session will provide an opportunity to share ideas and form valuable connections.

2. Enabling Village Awareness:

  • Learn about the Enabling Village, its mission to empower individuals with disabilities, and how you can contribute to this cause.

3. Feedback and Future Ideas:

  • Participate in a feedback session to share your thoughts and ideas for future social outreach activities. Your input will help shape the direction of Primetime's ongoing efforts in community engagement and support.

Who Should Attend:

  • Primetime Members: Expand your knowledge of local social causes and engage in meaningful volunteer work.
  • Community Leaders and Advocates: Network with like-minded individuals and organizations active in social causes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Professionals: Explore partnerships with social organizations for CSR initiatives.

About Enabling Village: Enabling Village is an inclusive space dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities. It offers a range of services, including vocational training, employment opportunities, and community engagement activities. This collaborative effort brings together public, private, and people sectors to create a more inclusive society. The Village features accessible infrastructure and innovative programs that enhance the lives of its residents and visitors.

Join Us! This event aims to not only increase awareness but also inspire active participation and collaboration among Primetime members and the broader community. Come, learn, engage, and make a positive impact with us.

Please note the following details:

  • The personal information provided to us will only be used for event registration and administration.

  • Images from the event may be used for PrimeTime's post event information, marketing and promotional purposes.

  • No refunds will be provided for cancellations. Replacements will be accepted.

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