Thursday, April 11, 2024 (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)GMT+8

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10 Anson Road
#31-06 International Plaza
Singapore 079903


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In 2024, we stand at the threshold of transforming mental health from a personal journey to a global movement. As we navigate through societal shifts and strive for cultural acceptance, our collective effort to destigmatize and make mental health care universally accessible becomes more crucial than ever.

Which is exactly why PrimeTime has chosen to focus on Mental Health for our 2nd Thursday event this April! Partnering with KeyNote Women Speakers, we have brought together an amazing group of women to discuss this topic in detail and how we can make Mental Health a movement in 2024.

Our interactive panel discussion will delve into the pivotal role of technology, social media, community initiatives, and the groundbreaking insights from neuroscience in catapulting mental health awareness from individual acts of courage to a sweeping wave of change that embraces every corner of society.

Don't miss out on joining us for this insightful and important discussion, and what will be an enjoyable evening spent with fantastic women. Book your ticket today and remember to take advantage of the early bird offer!

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Key Points for Discussion

Context vs Current landscape:

How perceptions of mental health have changed over time and the factors (including significant contributions from neuroscience) driving current momentum towards a more inclusive and understanding approach to mental health.

The Power of Community:

The role of communities, both online and offline, in changing narratives around mental health, and how these platforms offer support and promote advocacy.

Role of Technology in Democratizing Access:

How telehealth, apps, and online platforms are making mental health resources more accessible + how neuroscience research has influenced the development of digital tools that can provide personalized mental health interventions, breaking down barriers related to geography, cost, and stigma.

Understanding Mental Health Through Neuroscience:

How advances in neuroscience have enhanced our understanding of mental health conditions and neuroplasticity's role in recovery, and the importance of a science-backed approach to developing mental health strategies and interventions.

Policy and Workplace:

The importance of workplace wellness programmes and how policies can be shaped to support mental health initiatives.

Personal Stories and Public Figures of Influence:

The role of storytelling and public figures in normalizing mental health conversations