Join us for "Tell Your Story ", a regular meeting by the Storytelling Special Interest Group.

As a participant in our events, you will be practicing your storytelling skills and building your confidence in a safe space. In this meeting, on 5th October, we will focus on "Show your Emotions, not tell".

Why do you remember some stories better than others? Probably because these stories triggered an emotional response in you!

Come discover the 7 Power Emotions that skilful storytellers use to bring their stories to life. Learn how YOU can get your audience to experience emotions in your next story!

Take aways for participants:

- Learn how to express emotions when telling stories

- Practice to Show, not tell, to get your audience to experience emotions

- Get valuable positive feedback from other participants

- Get to know each other on a deeper level

Be inspired and inspire others with your personal stories.


190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-01 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924

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